Ribstone Farm

Icelandic Sheep Breeders in Endiang, Alberta

Early June on Ribstone Farm

It’s starting to look like summer here on the farm.  And it looks like it might be a good one.  The saskatoon and chokecherry bushes around here have been covered in blossoms and the sloughs are full of ducks and geese.  In the sheep pasture, the lambs are growing fast, and doing their best to find every weak spot in the fence.

This morning we let our fifteen Indian Runner Ducks out into the sheep yard.  Up until now they’ve been living in the chicken run, so the sheep were a bit of a shock for them.  It probably didn’t help that the geese came and put the run on them right away – looks like they needed to show who the chief waterfowl around here are.

We still haven’t sheared the sheep.  Full time jobs mean that you have to fit big sheep jobs like that in whenever you can.  Luckily, it hasn’t been too hot and the sheep everyone still seems comfortable.  Either way, we’ll have ourselves a sheep roundup by the end of this week and everyone will be ready for the heat of summer.

Next week we expect to receive some hatching Icelandic Chicken eggs through the mail.  When we travelled to Iceland last summer, we had expected to see horses and sheep, but the chickens were a bit of a surprise.  We were excited when we finally learned that there were some available here in Canada.  All we need to do is add some Icelandic horses and cattle to the mix, and we’ll have ourselves a proper Icelandic farm.

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