Ribstone Farm

Icelandic Sheep Breeders in Endiang, Alberta

The Spring and Lambing (So Far)

Lambing is always a busy time.  So far, lambing has gone slowly.  Not many twins, but lots of large, healthy lambs.

It’s always an adventure to see if we’ll have more ram lambs or ewe lambs born to us in a season.  So far this year, our numbers look to be about even.  With our Icelandic Sheep, you don’t have to look very hard to see if a new wee lamb is a ram or ewe – the ram lambs have impressive horn buds from day one and you can spot them from many meters away.

The rains finally came yesterday.  We had been experiencing a dry, windy spring and the risk of fire was high.  We had already put out one budding grass fire right in the main farmyard before this rain came.  Now we can look forward to less dust a more green grass – great news for growing lambs, chicks, geese, and calves.

Soon it will be shearing time.  It seems like just yesterday that we sheared the flock and drove the wool sacks to the mill.  But here we are again and we’ll see if we can finish it in record time this year.

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