Ribstone Farm

Icelandic Sheep Breeders in Endiang, Alberta


Located where the Prairie and Parkland eco-regions meet, Ribstone Farm takes its name from a prominent hill north of the hamlet of Endiang, Alberta.       

We brought home our first Icelandic sheep in the fall of 2009: two ewes and a ram purchased after seeing an advertisement by chance in a newspaper.  Icelandic sheep caught our eye earlier when we read about their hardiness, ability to thrive on grass, and impressive horns and wool, but we hadn’t expected to find any in Alberta.  When the chance came to bring those first lambs home we jumped at it, but decided to start small: neither of us knew anything about sheep and didn’t want to take on more than we could handle.

We fell in love with keeping sheep, and as we learned more about the Icelandic breed became convinced we had made the right choice.  Our little flock thrived on the abundant grass available to them.  Lambs came quickly and easily, grew fat and healthy on pasture, and passed those traits on to the next generation. We’ve added many animals to our flock since that first fall and look forward to adding more in the years to come.

If you are interested in breeding stock, wool, or lamb, or even in just learning more about the Icelandic breed, please contact us for more information.

10 thoughts on “About

  1. Ambros Mannhart on said:

    Looking for purebred Islandia Lambs

  2. We have no ewe lambs available at this time. We do have some yearling rams. If you are interested, we may be able to provide you with one. Please let us know.

  3. Carsen Wiebe on said:

    ISO of a handsome Ram that will be able to breed our lovely ladies this December!

  4. Donna O'Neil on said:

    Looking for Icelandic Ram or Ram lamb. What do you have available and price. Registered or no registered ok

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