Ribstone Farm

Icelandic Sheep Breeders in Endiang, Alberta


We are pleased to announce that we have Ribstone Farm natural coloured lopi for sale.  Skeins are approximately 100g and 100metres each.  $10.00 per skein.  If you would like to purchase some, please contact us at ribstonefarm@gmail.com or 403 579-2565.


We also have a number of Ribstone Farm unregistered Icelandic ram lambs available for sale at this time.  Please contact us at ribstonefarm@gmail.com or 403 579 2565 for details.




Ribstone Farm is pleased to announce that we have lopi and two ply yarn available for sale.  All our yarn is a natural grey from the blended fibres of our entire flock.  If you are interested in buying some of Ribstone Farm’s wool, please contact us at:









Ribstone Farm continues to offer a number of registered Icelandic ram lambs for sale.  We also expect to have Icelandic wool in the form of lopi and yarn available for sale in the new year.  Please contact us with questions about breeding stock, lamb, or wool for sale.


The following are some of our ram lambs up for sale:

5 thoughts on “Sales

  1. Do you have any Icelandic Ewes for sale at this time. What kind of money are you looking at for one of your rams? I bought 4 ewes and a yearling ram from Marianne Stephenson at Applejack Farm. I was supposed to be partnering with a colleague at work, but having had the little flock at home for a month and a half, I can’t bear to decide which two ewes are going to be his. I told him I would look for more Icelandics. Thanks,


    • We have no Icelandic Ewes available at this time. We do have both registered and unregistered rams available. We wouldn’t know if we have any ewes available until the summer. Registered rams and ewes sell for $500.00 each and unregistered for $350.00. Thank you for your interest and we hope to be able to help you out in the future.

      Take care,

      Stu Somerville
      Ribstone Farm, Endiang, Alberta

  2. Kodi Wagstaff on said:

    We are planning to breed Icelandics. I was torn between BFL and Icelandics, but the thriftiness and ability to thrive on pasture clinched the deal. We are I need if a ewe lamb for my daughter’s 4-H project, would you have one available by June 14?

    • Icelandics are a pretty remarkable breed and I highly recommend them to anyone. Unfortunately, we will not have any lambs available by that date – we are lambing late this year to account for family circumstances. If you are still interested in the fall, it is possible that we may have some available then, but we will not know until all lambs have arrived.

      Thanks for your interest.

      Ribstone Farm

      • Kodi on said:

        ok, thank you! we will likely still need another ewe and ram at that time.

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